Which Is the Safest Virtual Data Room

Virtual data rooms are among the most handy services for modern deal-makers. With the help of VDRs businessmen worldwide can stay in touch and maintain meaningful dialogue: virtual data rooms provide them with a convenient and safe environment for data storage and exchange, allow them to discuss the documents directly within the platform. Being online or cloud-based repositories, virtual rooms are accessible 24/7 all over the planet. In addition, VDRs are usually equipped with numerous functions that simplify the work of deal-makers significantly.

Before virtual platforms were developed, businessmen had to utilize their land-based analogues. Although physical data rooms were capable of providing deal-makers with a space for secure data sharing, they also had plenty of restrictions. Time-consuming business trips, queues of bidders, limitations of time allotted to data examination, higher expenditures for all the participants of a deal – these inconveniences have been successfully eliminated by virtual data rooms.

In the era of pervasive digitalization, businessmen have to ensure their presence online. Otherwise, they will not be competitive on the market. Hence, more and more deal-makers are looking for a decent virtual platform. The first thing to pay attention to when selecting a data room is security options it offers: a VDR should guarantee high-level data protection. The following features must be inherent to a reliable virtual room.

Data encryption

All the data stored in a VDR is supposed to be encrypted. A strong 256-bit encryption prevents unauthorized individuals from viewing confidential corporate data in their browser.

Two-factor user authentication

To get an access to the data a user has to pass a few levels of personality verification. At first, he enters regular login information. When this step is completed he gets SMS code which opens the next lock and allows him to enter a virtual room.

Digital rights management

A room administrator is the one to decide which users have access to which documents: he can divide users into permission groups according to the level of information disclosure. Hence, the room owners do not have to worry that certain documents would be accidentally browsed by wrong users and that the data would leak.

IP and time restriction

In addition to permission groups, a room administrator can impose access restrictions on a basis of a geographical location of the user and can limit the time period when the user has access to the documents. Also, an administrator is allowed to revoke an access to the documents even if it has already been downloaded.

Data backup

The data stored in a VDR should be protected not only from leakage or misuse but also from loss and destruction. Regular data backups are supposed to prevent a situation of missing the data due to server breakdown or any other possible malfunctioning. Hence, even if the room owners have lost certain files they can always restore them with the help of a VDR.

A trustworthy should be equipped with security options listed above as they constitute the standard set of data protection functions. Good vendors are trying to enhance their virtual platforms with additional features. iDeals is one of the leading players on the VDR market. It has more than eight years of experience and has gained the reputation of the reliable and efficient provider. Its virtual platforms are characterized by a military-level security system that guarantees multi-sided data protection. For instance, iDeals’ VDRs are equipped with so-called “fence view” option: when a user works inside a data room the function blocks PrintScreen button and prevents the user from making screenshots and disseminating them. Hence, the risk of camera-based attacks is reduced. Also, iDeals embed personally-identifiable dynamic watermarks in the documents: whenever the document is downloaded or printed a mark containing a username and time of the action completion appears on the documents.

Along with the basic protection, iDeals provides its customers with unique and advanced security options. The high quality of the data protection is recognized by ISO 27001 and SSAE 16 certifications. Thus, iDeals is treated as a vendor capable of offering the safest virtual platforms on the market. A research essay writing service for www.essaysheaven.com community for science teachers a more typical open-content project is the bioquest curriculum consortium, an effort to develop open instructional materials for all levels of science education

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